The regular load per semester is 24 units or as per curriculum program. Students are not permitted to take advanced subjects with pre-requisites until they have satisfactorily passed the pre-requisite subjects. Subjects without necessary pre-requisites may be enrolled regardless of year level and shall be credited based on the passing grade obtained.


Students intending to enroll requested subjects need to accomplish and sign the Application to Enroll Requested Subjects form. Getting enlisted in a requested subject signifies that a student’s financial account for the current semester is subject to adjustment if the number of enrolled students does not reach the minimum number of 15 students after the official cut-off of enrollment. Furthermore, the student cannot drop the said subject without the written approval of the Office of the Registrar.


The adding and/or dropping of subjects is scheduled a week after the start of classes. An announcement shall be posted to inform the students of the said schedule. The first transaction for adding and/or dropping of subjects is free of charge. A penalty of P100 must be paid at the Cashier for succeeding transactions. The procedure is as follows:

1. Ask for an Adding/Dropping (A/D) Form at the Registrar’s Office.
2. Fill out the form in duplicate. Reason/s for adding and/or dropping of subjects must be stated.
3. The form contains 2 tables: the (1) Subjects to be Added, and (2) Subjects to be Dropped.
4. Subjects to be Added. Write on this table the offer code, subject code, time, day and number of units of the subjects to be added.
5. Subjects to be Dropped. Write on this table the offer code, subject code, time, day and number of units of the subjects to be dropped.
6. After writing down the subjects to be added and/or dropped, print your name and signature on the lower part of the form.
7. Have the instructors of the subjects to be added and/or dropped sign the form.
8. Proceed to the College Dean for signature.
9. Proceed to the Registrar’s Office. Present your Enrollment Registration Certificate (ERC) together with the A/D form to the Registrar personnel. No ERC, no adding/dropping transaction.
10. Other reasons that may lead to unsuccessful A/D transactions include but not limited to: conflicts with the new schedule, incomplete A/D form, closed schedule, dissolved schedule, enrolling advanced subjects without pre-requisites.
11. A new ERC is generated reflecting the new schedule, of which you need to acknowledge by printing your name and affixing your signature.
12. A notation “A/D” written at the upper right-hand corner of the new ERC indicates that you have had an A/D transaction for the current semester. A copy of the accomplished A/D form will be given to you.
13. Ask for your copy of the new ERC.
14. All documents related to the A/D transaction will be kept by the Registrar’s Office for records purposes.


Students may opt to change their degree course upon submission of a letter to the Registrar’s Office stating the purpose for shifting to another course duly signed by the Deans of their current College and the accepting College. Shifting of degree courses, as well as of majors, must be done before enrolling for the incoming semester.