Students or any authorized representative (authorization required) may request credentials or documents for any purpose at the Registrar’s Office. The procedure is as follows:

1. Secure a Request and Clearance Form at the Registrar’s Office.
2. Fill out the entries for Name, ID Number, Course, Year, Semester and Academic Year last attended.
3. Indicate the document(s) you wish to request with the number of copies and its respective amount.
4. Write your purpose for requesting the document(s).
5. Print your name and sign the request form, as well as the claim stub at the lower portion of the form.
6. Proceed to the Cashier for clearance certification. The Cashier signs the request form indicating the OR number of the payment made.
7. If the purpose of the request is for board examination, have the Dean of College sign the request form and proceed to the Cashier for payment.
8. If the purpose of the request is for transfer, have the officers namely, the Dean of College, Librarian, Guidance Counselor and Admission Officer sign the request form, before going to the Cashier for payment.
9. Present the form and the OR to the Registrar personnel. The personnel then signs and prints the date the document is due for release, which may vary depending on the type of document requested.
10. Ask for the claim stub and present it on the date the document is due for release.
11. In case you cannot claim the document personally, you may authorize any representative with an authorization letter and a valid ID.
12. Unclaimed requests after thirty (30) days from the due date of release will be discarded. Therefore, another request will be charged.