The GUIDANCE CENTER primarily aims to assist you in determining your physical, social, intellectual and personality assets and liabilities so that you can make wise and intelligent choices. Also, we give you personalized help in setting up worthwhile achievable goals and, more importantly, developing abilities to achieve them. We don’t solve your problems; instead we help you solve them. 

Our services include: 

A. Counseling 

1. Individual Counseling. This is a professional relationship between you and your Counselor, helping you understand and clarify your views about life so that you may make meaningful choices. 

2. Group Counseling. This is a professional relationship between the counselor and a group of students – helping you find better solutions to your concerns. 

3. Routine interview. Students, especially freshmen and transferees are encouraged to visit the Guidance Center for a discussion of different concerns, helping them adjust to the college life and to the learning environment of the College. 

4. Exit Interview. This is for the graduating students to assist them in preparing themselves for a new challenge they are about to face – their professional lives. 

B. Testing. This is our way of helping you know more about yourself through the different tests of the Guidance Center – from entrance exam to various tests appropriate to your year level. 

C. Orientation. Aims to provide you information on the different services of the Guidance Center and avail of these services anytime throughout the year or as scheduled. 

D. Information. Aims to provide you friendly information on the Guidance Center bulletin board that may help you gain more knowledge for self-development. 

E. Group Guidance. A pool of activities for different year levels to help you adjust to college life, adapt to new challenges and be ready to face other challenges after your graduation. 

F. Individual Inventory. Pertinent information about you is kept in a cumulative record, which will be used as our basis for analyzing, understanding and giving you appropriate counseling. We also use your inventory for us to be guided on which technique fits best to help you. 

G. Career Guidance. A collaboration with the Admissions Office in directing graduating high school students on which of the degree courses the College offers best fits the career path they want to take in the future. 

H. Placement and Follow-up. If you are graduating, we will help you get ready for your professional journey – what it is like to be in the professional world and how you should act as young professionals. 

I. Research and Evaluation. This is an avenue for you to help us improve our services, as well 
as the College’s, through your honest evaluation. This may also help you in collecting necessary data or information from the Guidance Center for your own research. 

J. Peer Facilitator. This is a group of students that assists the Guidance Center in implementing the different services. This is also our way of bridging any age and generation gaps between you and the Guidance Counselor. 

Guidance Counselor 


Door 3, 2/F Building A 
John Paul II College of Davao 
Ecoland Drive, Matina 
8021 Davao City 
Office Hours: 
Monday to Friday