• Equal Access to Quality Education

    SJPIICD provides equal opportunity at quality education to those who aspire for a college degree. Learn about our admission policies and scholarship programs

  • High Standard Learning Facilities

    SJPIICD's state-of-the-art laboratories give the students practical experience in their respective fields. Learn more about our academic programs

  • Real-Life Education

    SJPIICD has established linkages with government and non-government agencies that will prepare its students for the real challenge in the real world. Check out our partners and affiliations

  • Close to Home

    Imbued with the ideals of Blessed John Paul II, SJPIICD's pool of faculty and staff open themselves to the school's stockholders with committed service.

  • Building Leaders of the Next Generation

    Leadership in service is the philosophy of SJPIICD's community and extension programs. Find out more about our community linkages