John Paul II College of Davao SEAL

With its motto, Ad astra per aspera, which literally means “to the stars through sacrifices,” John Paul II College of Davao embodies – in its mission, vision, and itinerary of existence – the humble beginnings, life, experiences and the philosophy of its owners, the Evangelista family: that in order to reach the heights and levels of the stars, the only way is through sacrifices, hard work and dedication. As the famous adage goes, “There’s no glory without sacrifices.”

The Five Columns at the upper left of the seal stand for the members of the Evangelista family: Ernie and Mercy, Jun, May, and April. Each member stands beside each other through thick and thin; thus, making the whole structure firm and invincible.

At the lower left of the seal, the City of Davao is symbolized by its leading icon and landmark: the lofty Philippine Eagle and the majestic Mt. Apo. The eagle symbolizes the Evangelista family’s determination to soar high “to the stars” (ad astra) amidst sacrifices and hardwork (per aspera). The family’s steadfast faith and firm trust in God is embodied in the symbolism of the regal Mt. Apo.

The remaining element at the right side of the seal makes reference to Pope John Paul II’s pontifical coat-of-arms. The Cross symbolizes the Pope’s faith while the capital letter “M” symbolizes deep devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary, the “Queen of Peace” - a profound devotion that the Evangelista family shares with the Roman Pontiff. It is the same devotion that John Paul II College of Davao encourages to its student and community to inculcate in them the value of peace, justice and love.