JPCeans exult JPII’s canonization
By Noel D. Remperas, Jr. / JP Chronicles

            It’s a miracle!

            Pope Francis showed his nimble personality and his priorities after he sped his predecessor Blessed John Paul II towards sainthood a few years after his death in 2005, the quickest canonization in modern times. The late Roman Pontiff, also known as the “Pope of the youth,” will be declared saint on April 27, 2014, along with Pope John XIII. 

            The announcement was greeted enthusiastically by the JPIICD community who expressed their great joy for the canonization of their beloved patron saint.

jpceans exult jpiis canonization

            “It’s really a blessing, ‘yong paglaki ng school, ‘yong mga achievements natin, these are all blessings from Blessed John Paul II,” said Ms. April Evangelista, the School Director.

            The School Director added that the school is preparing for a big celebration for the upcoming canonization, bigger than what took place on May 1, 2011 during the beatification of John Paul II.

            The canonization cause for John Paul began almost immediately after his death in 2005. At his funeral, the crowd in St. Peter’s Square began shouting “Santo subito,” or “Sainthood now,” for the beloved Pope.

            Two confirmed miracles are usually required under Vatican rules for the celebration of a saint.

            John Paul II had already been credited for asking God to cure a French nun of Parkinson’s disease, the same malady he had, before he was beatified in 2011. The second miracle can be attributed to his intercession is the inexplicable curing of a Costa Rican woman who prayed to him for help with her medical condition on the day of his beatification.

            John Paul II became famous throughout the world during his 27-year papacy for his captivating nature and his love for youth. He was also known to have more than a hundred travels outside Italy.