Intramural 2013: Tigers win 4-peat championship
By Emman James A. Magpuyo / JP Chronicles

            The Tangerine Tigers from the College of Engineering devoured six other teams at the end of the three-day sports festivities, capturing their fourth consecutive championship title. 

            The tigers’ four-peat victory is a proof of their unity and determination as a team. “Cooperation talaga, tapos teamwork,” were the words of Diane Marie Antesa, Department President. “As President, nakakapressure dahil baka hindi ma-maintain yung achievements but now, I am happy and blessed that we still ruled the intrams,” she added. 
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            The future engineers garnered a total score of 1,900, making a relatively large margin over other teams. From fourth place last year, the Pink Panthers from the College of Hospitality Management jumped to the second spot, ending at 1,495 total points. Another surprise this year is the winning finish of the Blue Scorpions (1,300 points) from the College of Teacher Education, capturing the third place from the fifth slot in 2012. 

            The former strong team-up of the College of Nursing and College of Criminal Justice Education, which captured the third slot last year, did not have a very good ending as individual teams, with the Green Colts finishing fourth (1,285) and the Black Hawks at the last slot (920 points).

            Meanwhile, the College of ICT Lavender Firefox ended at fifth place (1,195 points), one notch higher than their last year’s performance. The Golden Lions from the College of Business of Administration unexpectedly landed on the sixth place (1,115 points), a dramatic fall from the second spot in the previous edition.

            “One Spirit, One Team, One Win”  was the theme of this year’s intramural, which was held within three days, September 2 to 4, breaking the College’s long-time tradition of a week-long sports celebration. The new scheme reaped various reactions from the members of the school community, especially from students. (Story on Page 8) 

Full of color  
            During the three-day celebration, JPIICD was filled with seven different colors representing the seven colleges. Although held shorter than the usual, the annual event, which aims to develop camaraderie among students and enhance their talents in sports, still lived up to the traditional fun and excitement.

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            One of the highlights of this year’s intramural was the motorcade, in which the mascots from different departments added attraction and fun. With the booming percussions from the Siningtala beaters, vehicles started up their engines taking the Quimpo-Sandawa-Quirino-Ponciano-San Pedro-Quirino-Mac Arthur-Quimpo route.
            The intramural ended with Manila-based stand up comedians, Le Chazz and Ejay spreading fun after the awarding ceremony. 
‘Cats’ meet again: Lions lord over Tigers

            The BA Lions slammed the Engineering Tigers as Kevin Turtur and Julius Reducto joined their energies in drowning the hope of the defending champion to capture another win in the Men’s Basketball Championship match. 

            Last year the Tigers subdued the Lions. But this year, the Lions eyed for revenge giving the Tigers a 26-point deficit to the end of the game, 85-59. 

            Turtur and Reducto led scoring for the Lions with 16 points each while Engineering’s top scorer was Barbarona who perfectly poured 4 three-point shots, a jump shot and a score from the free throw line (15). 

            Meanwhile, the CHM Panthers defeated the Criminology Hawks with a half shot lead on their battle for third place, 67-69 before the championship showdown started. 

New history recorded
            The CHM Panthers fought a do-or-die battle against the fearless and defending champions, Engineering Tigers in their semifinal basketball knock out match on September 3, creating a new record in the College’s history after an excruciating triple overtime showdown, 107-99.

            The roaring tigers proved their expertise as they edged the historical triple overtime game securing them a spot in the championship game. 

            The intense heat from the game infected the atmosphere of the JPIICD quadrangle as the game became more interesting each second. 

            The game was so close from the first to fourth quarters of the game. No team wanted to be left behind. On the fourth quarter of the game, teams were tied up at 67 points giving the Panther’s jersey #14 the chance to win the game by two free throws but unluckily missed both attempts causing the game to proceed to its first overtime.

            The pink ballers led the first overtime by 3 points, 86-83, but during the last seconds of the game, Gonzaga poured a nerve frazzling 3-point shot cementing the Tigers’ way to tie up again and extend another 5 minutes to the game,86-86. 

            The Panthers’ hopes vanished into thin air as the Tigers first took the lead. But Panthers managed to bring up the heat again, not letting the Tigers easily outsmart them as they chased the lead and tied up the score to the end of the second overtime, 97-97. 

            With the determination seen in the eyes of the Tigers to capture their win, they continued their game play by pouring a booming 3-point shot, 3 field goals and a free throw to subdue their rivals leaving an 8 points lead creating their road for victory, 107-99. The Panthers were totally overwhelmed by the Tigers. 

Gymnast turns to Chinese garter champ

            Kenneth Balones, a first year student from the College of ICT and a gymnast back in his high school, showed a great way of outsmarting the rival from the Green Colts, Czar Cyrile Jacobe during their Chinese garter championship match held at the roof deck, September 4. 

            Balones showed a unique way of over passing the approximately 9 to 10 feet height of the garter by applying his gymnastic routines to outsmart the opponent, a series of summersault and backflip before passing over to it. 

            The roof deck was filled with tension as the players jumped over the garter. The intense game surprisingly caught so much attention that brought many spectators to the semi-open space on top the campus building. 

            Defending champion, Jacobe first made an attempt in passing over the garter but unfortunately, failed to do it. Jacobe’s consecutive 3 failed attempts opened chances to Balones to finish the game in his favor. With his magnanimous focus, Balones successfully passed over the garter creating a name for himself and for his department.