Calipes Scores TKD Gold at DACS Regional Sportsfest

“Small but terrible” are the perfect words to describe Harvey Calipes, representative of Davao for DACS Regional Sportsfest, from our very own John Paul II College of Davao. Even with immense height difference, still he exhibited how sturdy he is – and won the Taekwondo Gold medal with an excellent score, 8-0.

At the start of the game, odds were cheering for the opponent, a representative of Digos from our strongest rival school in playing taekwondo – Cor Jesu College. Suddenly, cheers have changed, when Harvey showed his skills and competency. Spectators were astounded at the end of the first round when the score is 2-0. And more, it’s exciting to witness how the crowd were very much flabbergasted with the second round ended by a score of 6-0; having the total score of 8-0.

The astonishing turn of events brought glory and honor not only to our school but also to our beloved Davao City.