JOHN PAUL II COLLEGE OF DAVAO believes in open admission.  It is an inherent right of an individual to have access to education. This means that the College opens its door to any applicant enrollee who has the desire, qualifications, and the capacity for college work regardless of creed, belief, religion, sex, economic status, political leaning or social strata. Once the applicant enrollee becomes a bona fide student of this institution, he/she is regularly evaluated on the basis of his/her academic performance and his behavior as a student.

                Furthermore, the enrollment in John Paul II College of Davao is a contractual relationship between the student and the College. The said contract of the student enrolled for a semester is only for the current semester not for the entire course. However, when a student commits serious offense as stipulated in the Guidelines of Conduct and Discipline in the student handbook or fails to maintain the required academic standard, he/she forfeits his/her contractual right and the College reserves the right to re-admit him/her or not.

               The student admitted to the College signifies that he/she agrees to abide by the rules and regulations of the institution. Failure on his/her part in this respect empowers the College to impose sanctions in accordance to the MANUALS OF REGULATIONS FOR PRIVATE SCHOOL, latest edition. On the other hand, the College assures that, after the student has successfully satisfied his prescribed course of study and has complied all the necessary requirements during his residence in the institution, without prejudice with the rules and regulation of the College, JPIICD will confer upon him/her the title or degree in the form of a certificate of diploma.

                It is the desire of the College to prepare its students for a special distinction and to be globally competitive in the field of technology. Thus, requiring the candidates seeking admission to provide satisfactory evidence of their fitness for college determined by the following requirements:

1. Incoming Freshmen

1.1         Application for Admission
1.2         Form 138/137A (High School Report Card)*
1.3         JPIICD College Entrance Exam Result
1.4         Certificate of Good Moral Character *
1.5         Birth Certificate (NSO copy)*
1.6         3 pcs. 2x2 colored ID photo (recent)
1.7         Certificate of good health with laboratory Results (For BSN , BSHRM & BSCrim only)*

2. Transfer Students (also for 2nd Course Takers)

2.1   Certificate of Honorable Dismissal*
2.2   Copy of Transcript of Records for Evaluation*
2.3   JPIICD College Entrance Exam Result
2.4   Certificate of Good Moral Character*
2.5   Birth Certificate (NSO copy) *
2.6   3 pcs. 2x2 colored ID photo
2.7   Certificate of good health with laboratory Results (For BSN , BSHRM & BSCrim only)*

3. Continuing Students

3.1   Student Account Clearance
3.2   Current Identification Card
3.3   Report of Grades of the Student’s Scholastic Records as of the last semester and/or summer attended for evaluation of the prerequisite subjects.
3.4   Recommendation from the College Dean
3.5   A continuing student may not be admitted to the College if:
3.5.1 He/she has been academically disqualified.
3.5.2 He/she has violated the rules and regulations of the school.
3.6   A student is academically disqualified if he/she fails to pass fifty percent (50%) of his/her registered units for the previous semester.  However, if he/she passed at least seventy five percent (75%) of the total enrolled units, he may be re-admitted for enrollment and be placed on probation for one (1) semester, upon the recommendation of his/her college Dean.

4. Foreign Students

4.1   Foreign students may be admitted on the basis of the evaluation of their credentials by the Commission of Higher Education (CHED) Office and on the presentation of a Study Permit from the same Office. They are also required to present their student visa and passport for validation.
4.2   Transcript of Records or Scholastic Records authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate in the Applicant’s country or place of origin or residence.
4.3   C.A photocopy of his/her passport.
4.4   3 copies of the 1998 Revised Original Personal History Statements.
4.5   Police Clearance issued by the National Police Authorities in the student’s country of origin duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post.
4.6   Medical Health Certificate issued by the school Physician including standard size 4.6 X-ray, Hepa B Test, Drug Test and HIV test .

* Original document and 2 photocopies